Vendroid Custom Functions

Custom functions to help build the themes
# Data Description HTML Tags Example
1 data-rel="tags-input" Modify input into tags <input type="text">
2 data-rel="switch" Modify checkbox into switch <input type="checkbox">
3 data-toggle="tooltip" Create a tooltip <any>
4 data-toggle="popover" Create a popover <any>
5 data-rel="prettyPhoto" Create a prettyphoto over on image <a>
6 data-rel="scroll"
Create vertical scroll content with specific height <div>
7 data-action="click-trigger"
Open on click modified dropdown list with tags next to it <any data-action="click-trigger"> <any data-action="click-target">
8 data-action="minimize" Minimize Closest Widget <any>
9 data-action="refresh" Refresh Closest Widget, must edit with your own ajax code <any>
10 data-action="close" Close Closest Widget <any>
11 data-action="expand-all" Expand all menu in closest navbar <any>
12 data-action="nav-left-medium" Toggle navbar left to medium size <any>
13 data-action="nav-left-small" Toggle navbar left to small size <any>
14 data-action="nav-right-medium" Toggle navbar right to medium size <any>
15 data-action="nav-right-small" Toggle navbar right to small size <any>
16 data-action="remove-navbar" Remove left and right navbar <any>
17 data-action="remove-header" Remove Header <any>
18 data-action="fullscreen" Remove left and right navbar and header <any>
19 data-action="boxedtofull" Toggle Between boxed and full width <any>
19 data-action="notification"
data-type="success / notify /
info / error"

data-position="topleft / topright /
bottomleft / bottomright"
Set notification in a button <any>
20 data-action="backtop" Go to Top <any>

Javascript Function Helper

# Function Name Description Example
1 isTouch() Determine if the device has touch capability
2 isMobile() Determine your device is a mobile device
3 isPhone() Determine if your device is phone device
4 isTablet() Determine if your device is tablet device
5 notification(position, notif_type,icon_class,notif_title,notif_text) Set Notification via script function
6 scrollTo(element,offset) Scroll to element with offset